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Today’s post is brought to you by cats.

I have noticed that our own family website does not have any categorization dedicated to cats and that is a mistake that I will fix: now.IMG_20150910_112416

It was time to treat the cats for various things for which which need to treat cats. In order to dose them correctly we would have to know how much they weigh.

I ran into the problem that the scale was packed away in “greater interior of uncivilized garage of moving boxes” and I wasn’t going to find it any time soon because we packed sorted by “usefulness”. Fortunately the Wii Fit was packed in a very easy to find “gaming box”. So with a little Bluetooth incantation and Python scripting I was able to use the fit board to weight the cats. It’s great because they rarely stay on a scale for more than a few seconds so I can just scroll through the history to get the average.

We were able to treat the cats and all is well.

For the record
Subbie: 13.6 lbs
Mingus: 13.9 lbs
Parker:13.1 lbs