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In order to get Chase interested in some counting exercises I went to get some Cheerios for the 1-5 flash cards. Gotta get the older kids involved too so I figured I’d give Dex something to think about while I was off to the kitchen.

“Hey Dex, i want to get one cheerio for each dot on these cards 1 through 5. How many do I have to get?”

I was ready to walk away and let him think about it but before I had taken a step….


He had barely looked up from the YMCA camp brochure. It shook me a bit. I had to double check because it was too easy.

“How did you get that?”

“Well, I started with 5, then 4+1 is 5 and that leaves 2+3… 3 times 5 is fifteen.”

Recording of his explaination


Mariel had a really long day. Today might not have been the best day to surprise her with the new car.

She handled it well. She just barely didn’t pee. She didn’t go into labor.


Here’s a link to the album

From 2009-06-12

My camera ran out of video just as she saw the car.

Movie: 2009-06-12_1715.flv (direct download)

This next one is boring after the first minute of me moving the car.
Movie: 2009-06-12_1716.flv (direct download)

Movie: 2009-06-12_1719.flv (direct download)

Movie: 2009-06-12_1757.flv (direct download)

This is the table that the parent’s bought us for Christmas. It fits just about perfect.

Thanks guys.

Oh yeah – and there’s also some pictures of our New Years Eve Swim!  It’s the first time any of us have ever been in a pool on New Years Eve.


Link to pics on Picasa

Here are some day to day pictures from my phone.


San Diego Kayaking