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Jingle Bell Rock

At this point, let’s be honest, it’s more Sing Song SomeDay than Saturday.

My first recording using the electric guitar and an amp – the sound was a bit muddled but Tatum fought though all that and sang loud enough.


This is a pre-recorded video from our visit back east – I knew that Dex and I would be in Seattle.

It’s Blackbird, The Beatles
But it’s almost a shame to reference them when it turned out so poorly.

Sing Song Saturday
cover of
Home, Jack Johnson (the white Jack Johnson)

Sing Song Saturday
[note: I originally labelled this as “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” but it’s Croce song so I won’t feel shame about mixing up his songs]

you don’t mess around with jim, Jim Croce

[ I’m a little late on this because all of the travel ]
Sing Song Saturday
Leaving on a Jet Plane, John Denver.

John Denver may have recorded it but it is a camp cornell staple. The only thing missing was a camp fire.

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Sing song Saturday
Angel from Montgomery

Sing Song Saturday 010
Sweet Pea – Amos Lee


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My Girl – The Temptations

Chase helped out today after much protest. Mariel helped on percussion by hanging pictures.

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Unprepared and almost missed a Saturday. Tatum and I snuck in a song before the sun went down.

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Tried to think of Halloween themed songs, and I don’t have any. But there is a Jimmy Buffet song with “pirate” in the title and I happened to have a pirate hat sitting around.

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