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Mariel had a really long day. Today might not have been the best day to surprise her with the new car.

She handled it well. She just barely didn’t pee. She didn’t go into labor.


Here’s a link to the album

From 2009-06-12

My camera ran out of video just as she saw the car.

Movie: 2009-06-12_1715.flv (direct download)

This next one is boring after the first minute of me moving the car.
Movie: 2009-06-12_1716.flv (direct download)

Movie: 2009-06-12_1719.flv (direct download)

Movie: 2009-06-12_1757.flv (direct download)

Link to Dexter’s camera album





Movie: 2009-03-18_09-49.mp4 (direct download)

Here is Chase working on a puzzle of a firetruck.

Movie: 2009-03-05_13-00 (direct download)

This is a movie from a while ago but I wanted to post a little more footage for today.

Movie: 2009-02-12_09-32 (direct download)

I’m posting multiple videos of him today because I forgot to do this last week.

Beware: the last video has some ‘issues’ with the audio but it sounded so funny to hear Chase with a very low voice that I just left it as is.

For Dexter’s second year I tried to take one video of him each week. I still have to get those in a better format.


Dexter is a great big brother. I didn’t know that little brothers be tolerated. But he and Chase do a good job of horsing around without anyone needing a trip to the emergency room…. so far.

Here is Chase Bodhi and his new elmo slippers. There’s an Eddie (the cat) tackle caught on this tape. He loves to capture and lay on the cats.