About Teamcornell and Music

[Above is a picture circa 2019.]

Update 2019:

We still have a strong musical theme going on. There’s almost always music playing in the house.  Practicing, singing, the radio, vinyl records, headsets in phones, humming, or teaching Dogs to sing – there’s music in the air.  Long standing house rule, that you can stay up as late as you want if you’re making music, has been used and abused. 

The children have been taking piano lessons for about 2 years now. But only once a week for about 20 minutes at a time. They all have learned to play some entertaining pieces. Chase has taken to it really well. He can hear random songs once… and then play them five minutes later after thinking about them for a bit.

Tatum has started playing the bass.

And Dexter has started worrying about Senior year of highschool 🙂

He also still plays a few songs once a week.

[Below was written as a way of introduction back in 2014]

We have joked about getting rid of all the toys and just littering the house with musical instruments. We’ve always had a digital piano sitting around for the kids to mash on (or more annoyingly play a Madonna cover song on loop for ever). Some time around spring 2010 Charles PopPop Cornell showed up for a visit and, motivated by Hullabaloo jealousy, decided to buy a guitar to play for his grandkids. He left it in San Diego and Matt hung it on the wall for sho’ and show. After another half year Matt actually started playing around with it. Then… with embarrassing regularity more and more instruments made their way into the house.

More guitars, harmonica(s), drum sticks, tambourines, shakers, melodicas, accordions, ukuleles, piano midi controllers, microphones, 8 track recorders. It’s kind of a bad habit, but these are not controlled substances, yet.

About teamcornell band members.

Dexter plays the violin. Started in November, 2011. He is learning to read sheet music and his ear is pretty durn good.

Matt once played the saxophone a long long time ago. Is trying to learn to play the guitar since August 2010ish. Goal is to learn to play good enough to enjoy listening to it before crippling arthritis sets in.

Chase plays a mean keyboard but has a hard time keeping his butt from wiggling him away from the keys.

Tatum is really good at harmonica. Scary good really.

Mariel doesn’t admit it but she can sing really well and some times I catch her playing the guitar when I’m not looking.

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