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I’m posting multiple videos of him today because I forgot to do this last week.

Beware: the last video has some ‘issues’ with the audio but it sounded so funny to hear Chase with a very low voice that I just left it as is.

This is the table that the parent’s bought us for Christmas. It fits just about perfect.

Thanks guys.

Oh yeah – and there’s also some pictures of our New Years Eve Swim!  It’s the first time any of us have ever been in a pool on New Years Eve.


Hey everyone… Come see how good San Diego looks!


Link to pics on Picasa

We’ve been here since Thursday and the empty apartment is getting tiresome. Good news though – the relocubes should be showing up today. One tricky bit was parking like a punk across two parking spots so that we could put the cubes close to the apartment.

Tried to schedule some movers through a referral agency but have run into a bit of a snag. Two different movers called up this morning to confirm the appointment. One of them was nice enough to walk me through the charges “car dealer” style. Turns out that was a guy who didn’t like the rate I was charged by the referral service and was renegotiating after I had started to pay already.

Hopefully they are sorting that all out on their own.

We have been camping out and we are troopers. But the kids now have a little cold and that complicates matters. We can’t move the car for fear that we lose the two spots close to the stairs. We can’t go out for mile longs treks because the kids could crash into a booger infested mess at any time. And we also need to be around if the relocubes decide to show up at any time in the window they have provided us with delivery… 11am-6pm.

Last night we impulsed some Costco stuff to help make us feel better about the empty apartment. One of those purchases was a new 26″ TV that cost as much as we sold our year old 32″ TV before we left. This is really good because now the kids can watch something on the tellie connected to the laptop and I can still use the laptop’s screen to get stuff done on internet.

Mariel was eating a banana today and it was suddenly very obvious that she was as tan as she has ever been (pictures to follow soon). The cats could be none more happy now that they have a big balcony to lounge on outside. Beside escape attempts it is probably the biggest outdoor space they have ever been in.

Tomorrow the movers come at 8am to unload the relocubes and I without any experience in the industry I am confident it will be a very easy move for them.  The cable guy also comes at roughly the same time so it should be an awesome day. Tomorrow night will be a celebration of pillows and mattresses and xboxes and internet service and towels and cutlery… it’s going to be off the hook.





School Performance Maps: California

Check it out… you can see a map of schools and how they rank.

Doyle is blue. Blue is a color. I think that may be good but I think the school I went to as a kid wasn’t ranked as high.


Life can really be hard some times. Tough choices. Tough situations. Tough life.

This is not one of those times. Mariel is doing her best to coil up in to a cocoon of stress so tight that she could poop diamonds. “Wah” she says… “I just don’t know which super luxurious resort style apartments, which are all within walking distance of my work in beautiful San Diego, that we should choose and it’s so tough to make the decision from here in Bosto…. is it raining outside again or is that snow? Ahh it’s sleet… give me a coin.”

I have already made the choice a number of times and I don’t know why it is so difficult for her. Every time she presents ANOTHER apartment I say the same thing “That sounds incredible and we can’t go wrong with that choice.”   🙂

[these quotes are just a joke even if they happen to match up exactly with what goes on]screencap.png


So besides the fact that my wife had to leave today for a trip that was going to separate us for more days in a row then we’ve been apart for 7 some odd years… it was a great day. We walked and had lunch outside at the Panera court yard.

After we dropped off Mariel at the airport Chase, Dexter and I went to the Fillipello Park for about an hour and I guess I didn’t take any pictures of that. Then we went home for some classic Dad dinner – chicken tenders, french fries, and Arthur pasta. All that while watching Ratatouille. Baths, showers, stories and we are doing pretty well 5 hours into a Mariel-less long weekend.

Below is a picture of Chase trying to “shared’ Dexter’s dessert.  He is a bottomless pit when it comes to all things in ice form.

Here is a snapshot of Mariel’s flight path right before Dexter goes to bed.