When you give a Matt a Muffin

“When you give a Matt a Muffin”

There’s a children’s book that most young parents know about lately called “If You Give a Moose a Muffin” where some moose wants a muffin, but needs jam, and a sweater, and sheets, and other things in an ever cascading list of gating events.

This morning I got in a good one. Needed to fix the irrigation valve, but needed my multimeter, which needed a new battery, but needed a jewel sized philips head screw driver to open the case and then I needed a good 9V battery which is packed away “who knows where”, then I found out that the fuse inside my /good/ multi-meter had blown so I needed to get one from radio shack, closest radio shack is… no where, they are all dead, so need to get one from amazon, but I might as well get those spa chemicals I needed so I check which of those I needed, and while I’m at it I might as well do the chem check on the spa, and while I’m out there I should look at the irrigation control to see why zone 5 and 6 aren’t working, but I’ll need a multi-meter for that… MAYBE COFFEE WILL HELP THIS SITUATION!





One thought on “When you give a Matt a Muffin

  • Elif Kiral

    ha. matt, welcome to our world. I’m trying to get justin to understand the beauty of hiring someone. they do it all the time and have all of the right tools.

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